Health Information Technologies

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Health Information Technologies by Mind Map: Health Information Technologies

1. Electronic Health Records

1.1. Allows for patients to access heath info

1.2. allows for easier sharing among professionals

1.3. EMR

2. Personal Health Records

2.1. Personal collection of data

2.2. Can be connected to EMR

2.3. Helps patient track health/health records

3. Electronic Presciptions

3.1. reduces error related to handwriting

3.2. allows for ease of management of prescriptions

3.3. allows for direct transfer of script to provider

4. Online health information/ online health groups

4.1. allows patients and providers to connect with each other and others

4.2. provides an avenue for support for patients with diagnosed conditions

4.3. Helps patients self diagnose simple issues

4.4. Can include wellness and diet tracking apps to help monitor health

4.5. Disease registries

4.5.1. ease of information sharing

4.5.2. Ease of information access for public and professionals

5. Medical coding

5.1. allows for ease of information transfer

5.2. Promotes reporting accuracy