Six Steps for Installing a Home Furnace

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Six Steps for Installing a Home Furnace by Mind Map: Six Steps for Installing a Home Furnace

1. 1. Home Assessment

1.1. An HVAC company must check your home’s build, windows, doors, and basement to determine the best furnace heating in Bergen County NJ.

2. 5. Heating System Assessment

2.1. During the heating system analyzation, the company checks the size of your home’s heating equipment and the ductwork.

3. 2. Composing a Materials List

3.1. After finalizing your furnace, start composing a list of materials necessary to complete the installation.

4. 3. Obtaining Permits

4.1. Before starting the work, you should obtain a permit from your municipality to perform the work. Failure to obtain work permit means you cannot carry out the work.

5. 4. Removing Old Equipment

5.1. Once you approve of the list of materials, the company will remove your old equipment after disengaging all the power supply.

6. 6. Installing New Equipment