Human trafficking prosecution. World changing historic time.

Human Trafficking Prosecution idea map for School Essay

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Human trafficking prosecution. World changing historic time. by Mind Map: Human trafficking prosecution. World changing historic time.

1. Epstien didn't kill himself - the significance of the meme when it comes to popular awareness of the problem

1.1. How public awareness shapes policy and likelihood there will be justice (will of the people)

1.2. How does a meme work in spreading information? How does a meme get around algorithms? What are these censorship policies?

1.3. Who started the idea of the meme? replication of an idea. When enough people know it will stop happening if we all have unity

2. The problem with the world today in respect to trafficking. how vast is the scope. How big is the problem. What fuels it?

2.1. number 1 most profitable black market. statistics and research. how prevalent in society.

2.2. number of people caught in this slavery. laws that govern prosecution, 18 years old = not abuse but crime. Trust gained through abuse people never leave it. plea deals = no justice (Esptein as an example) too much money involved. Corrupt judges

2.3. pornography and sexual marketing and lack of morality in education feeds the primal beast of lust. cultural breakdown (Rome as an example)

3. Signs in the economy and justice department that justice is brewing

3.1. The frequent changing of AG's - Bill Bar, Sessions, Whitacker to cover tracks

3.2. the multiple investigations going on at one time unbeknown to the state department, congress or the public.

3.3. 1,100+ CEO's of major corporations leaving in one year

3.4. the prosecution of NXIM and Harvey Winstien as well as the capture of Jeffrey Esptien, alison mack and others

4. How did governments and investigators take down large crime rings in the past

4.1. surprise attack with everything at once - racketeering cases - Rudy Jeuliani

4.2. How did they take down Al Capone? laws and crimes that will stick - tax evasion

4.3. Research international criminal organization take down. Russia, current Ukraine, others etc