Vocabulary List

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Vocabulary List by Mind Map: Vocabulary List

1. Respitation

1.1. Respiration

1.1.1. making ATP for the cell

1.2. Cristae

1.2.1. are the fold that are part of the inner membrane that increase surface area to make more ATP.Anaerobic : Does not use oxygen – short term. Occurs in cytoplasm.

1.3. Aerobic

1.3.1. Requires oxygen Occurs in mitochondria.

1.4. Anerobic

1.4.1. Does not require oxygen

1.5. Glycolysis

1.5.1. process of breaking apart sugar/glucose.

2. Photosynthesis

2.1. Granum

2.1.1. stack of thylakoid (plural version

2.2. NADPH

2.2.1. energy/electron carrier

2.3. Chlorophyll

2.3.1. a pigment that reflects the color green.

2.4. Chloroplast

2.4.1. an organelle in a plant were photosynthesis occurs.

2.5. Thylakoid

2.5.1. pancake looking things containing chlorophyll

2.6. Stroma

2.6.1. Fluid within chloroplast that fills space between thylakoids

2.7. Photosystems

2.7.1. clusters of chlorophyll in the thylakoid

2.8. ATP

2.8.1. energy/electron carrier

2.9. Stomata

2.9.1. part of the leaf were carbon dioxide comes in and oxygen comes out

2.10. ATP Synthesis

2.10.1. creation of ATP by allowing H+'s (protons) to naturally flow from inside the thylakoid to the stroma. (High to Low) then replenishing it so the process can reoccur.