Technology in Healthcare

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Technology in Healthcare by Mind Map: Technology in Healthcare

1. EHR

1.1. Used by hospitals, laboratories, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency clinics, and primary care physicians

1.2. Can be used by multiple offices in order to better communicate a patients information and improve quality of care

2. MRI Machine

2.1. Used by hospitals, cancer facilities, places performing orthopedic surgery, and emergency clinics

2.2. Can be used to identify tumors, torn/broken tendons and ligaments, examine the brain and spinal cord as well as examine other organs

3. X Ray Machine

3.1. Used by hospitals, emergency clinics, orthopedic facilities, and some primary care physician offices

3.2. Used to take images of dense body tissue such as bones and teeth using radiation

4. Ultrasound Imaging Devices

4.1. Used by hospitals, doctor offices, cardiology facilities, gynecology practices, and emergency clinics

4.2. Makes images using high-frequency sound waves bouncing off of structures so that organs inside the body can be examined

5. Central Scheduling Machines

5.1. Used by hospitals, doctor offices, emergency clinics, and anywhere there might be a large staff to provide care to patients

5.2. Makes sure that two instances of the same task are not running simultaneously and provides visualization that there is enough staff to provide care