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Industrialization by Mind Map: Industrialization

1. Great Britain

1.1. Social

1.1.1. socialist impacts causing revolts and similar labor hierarchy to Russia.

1.2. Political

1.2.1. Politicians appealed to labor parties because there was so many.

1.3. Economic

1.3.1. Lots of factories allowing for cheap labor and exponential economic growth.

2. Japan

2.1. Social

2.1.1. Changing of social hierarchy. the samurai class changed into a more modern military.

2.2. Political

2.2.1. Meiji Restoration Shoguns were not unified, changes occurred in the interest of stability.

2.3. Economic

2.3.1. Pressure from other states to industrialize. The government regulated projects and allowed for stable economic growth.

3. United States

3.1. Social

3.1.1. unions and low success labor law changes.

3.2. Political

3.2.1. Civil war, commitment to Laisse Faire. Free Market led to monopolies.

3.3. Economic

3.3.1. Established Railroads and had textile factories utilizing natural resources.

4. Russia

4.1. Social

4.1.1. Workers strikes and Unions over terrible labor conditions. No social stability. Labor class was giant leaving lots of wealth for middle/upper class.

4.2. Political

4.2.1. Free Serfs. An impact was Socialism

4.3. Economic

4.3.1. Socialism allowed for Economic growth. Legalized trade unions.

5. Lots of Revolts with cheap factory labor