St. John's Cathedral

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St. John's Cathedral by Mind Map: St. John's Cathedral

1. Construction

1.1. Location

1.1.1. 707 N 8th Street Boise, ID 83702

1.2. Date

1.2.1. Completed 1921

1.2.2. Dedicated March 27,1921

2. Architecture

2.1. Description

2.1.1. Apse Romanesque

2.1.2. Material Stone

2.2. Style

2.2.1. Romanesque

2.3. Is the architecture faithful to the denomination?

2.3.1. Values Unity Only one Cathedral per diocese All seats within Cathedral face the altar Glorification Great stone faces Large & ornate apse Statue of Christ atop the church

2.3.2. Distinctives Eucharist Catholics view Eucharist as spiritually transformed (not simply symbolic) Authority Clergy

3. Interior Decoration

3.1. Features

3.1.1. Sanctuary Beneath the Apse Contains the Crucifix

3.1.2. Tabernacle Symbolizes Jewish Tabernacle Where Eucharist is kept

3.1.3. Pews

3.1.4. Altar Where the Eucharist is presented

3.1.5. Presider's chair Where the Bishop is seated

3.2. Congregational Layout

3.2.1. Fan-shaped

3.2.2. Choir loft is behind congregation

4. Landscape

4.1. Description

4.1.1. Downtown

5. What it's set up to do

5.1. Preaching

5.1.1. Homily Reading from the Bible

5.2. Worship

5.2.1. Hymns

5.3. Sacraments

5.3.1. Baptism

5.3.2. Eucharist

5.3.3. Confession

6. What it means

6.1. Cathedral

6.1.1. Where the bishop of the diocese presides

6.2. History

6.2.1. Is the successor of the first Catholic presence in Boise Was built as a direct result of the growth of the Catholic population from 1,500 to 7,000 Population growth directly attributed to Glorieux

6.3. Culture

6.3.1. Ministries Faith Community Nurses Provides non-invasive care at the church Knights of Columbus Volunteer within the community as a whole Sweet Saints Makes and provides free coffee and pastries to parishioners St. Vincent de Paul Strategizes new ways to help the poor Volunteers with the poor Food Bank Provides food to the poor Docent Tours Outreach effort to bring people into the church

7. Who is valued?

7.1. The poor

7.1.1. Evidenced by the large focus on ministries relating to the poor

7.2. The sick

7.2.1. Outreach efforts focus greatly on the sick as well

7.3. The new & returning Catholic

7.3.1. Great efforts are made toward conversion

7.3.2. Strong educational programs are in place

7.4. What is left out?

7.4.1. Cross-denominational efforts Lack of engagement with Protestant congregations furthers the divide

8. Theology

8.1. Roman Catholic

8.1.1. High-liturgy Globally standardized mass

8.1.2. Central authority Pope at the head