PF Common Challenges

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PF Common Challenges by Mind Map: PF Common  Challenges

1. Not yet gettng true Agile delvery

1.1. The true agile delivery is most effective at Srum level. Scrum workflow has been created and few Gates being implemented. This is work in progress Example. Retro, Sprint Planning. On a average it will take 6-9 sprints for scrum team to start scruming properly. There are not enough resources to run Scrum Sprints and by allowing one resource to wear too many hats attracts conflict of interest. Information sessions are being organised for product owners, Sprint planning session are in play for Scrum Teams. Action: Usman

2. Required Resources

3. Independent Practice

4. Introduction/Set

5. Role of Product Owner

6. Risk and Issues

7. Board being asked to make judgements without sufficent detail

7.1. Board should be presented with mitigation plan / options with pro and cons before asking for decision.

8. Role of Product Family Board members

9. Agile Delivery