What makes a team successful?

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What makes a team successful? by Mind Map: What makes a team successful?

1. 2 types of teamwork usually found

1.1. large scale teamwork

1.1.1. includes a range of professions which solve the many engineering and social psychological problems that go into successful space exploration The other is the intimate teamwork among astronauts and cosmonauts who work together during a mission It Takes Teamwork to Become an Astronaut - STEM in 30

2. usually in pairs or more

3. they don't travel to space themselves

4. Killer whales

4.1. Orcas are often called killer whales.

4.1.1. take down large marine animals, such as sea lions and whales Orcas are very social and live in groups called pods, which usually have up to 40 members There are two different kinds of pods

5. Astronauts

6. communication

7. everyone contributes a fair share

8. diverse team members

9. they focus on goals and results

10. 2 examples of effective teamwork

11. is less aggressive and tends to prefer fish

12. act much like wolf packs and are much more aggressive. They hunt marine mammals by working together

13. Teamworks is important

13.1. larger scaled goals are difficult to acheive on our own

13.1.1. everyone wins when teamwork is applied and goals are achieved.