The Best Tech Team in the World Ever, Ever, Ever!

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The Best Tech Team in the World Ever, Ever, Ever! by Mind Map: The Best Tech Team in the World Ever, Ever, Ever!

1. Testing

1.1. Unit Testing

1.1.1. Individual tests run under a second

1.2. Integration Tests

1.2.1. Not bound to the data

1.2.2. Pass or Fail Consistently

1.3. Code Coverage

1.3.1. >=90%

1.3.2. Transparent to the team

1.4. Performance Testing

1.5. A/B Testing

1.6. User Acceptance Testing

1.6.1. Frequent involvement of end users

1.6.2. User Feedback User Insights Tool

1.6.3. Environment TraineeUI Already have one?

1.7. Error Reporting

1.7.1. Error Tracking Tool Sentry?

1.8. Quality Testing

1.8.1. Linting

1.8.2. Styling Style Guide

1.8.3. Reportable

2. Code

2.1. Best Practices

2.1.1. Style Guide Google FE BE

2.1.2. DRY Principle

2.1.3. Boy Scout Refactoring

2.1.4. Commenting Code Top level Comments Function Comments Helpful Comments e.g. Edge Cases No Jokes No References to other companies

2.1.5. KISS - Kiss It Simple Stupid Simplest Solution

2.1.6. Code Reviews Small Pull Requests Small Commits Code Sharings Early Visibility Draft PRs Comments on PRs Replies on PRs RESPECT! Block on PRs Comments on PRs Transparent Accessible Check approved PRs Commit Messages

2.1.7. Commit Messages & PRs Make Sense! No Jokes no "fixy fixy" Good Detail Other team members can understand changes

2.1.8. Documentation API Documentation This is what it does and how to call it Repository Documentation This is what it is meant to do Added to repository Committed and Pull Request Reviewed Markdown

2.1.9. At least TDD

2.2. Open Source

2.3. Libraries

2.3.1. Good Research

2.3.2. Using Popular and Supported ones

2.3.3. Prefer Open Source

2.3.4. Up to date

3. Infrastructure

3.1. Tidy

3.1.1. Redundant Stuff Scripts Environments UI Dev UAT Dev

3.1.2. Consistency Naming Folders Scripts Location Logs Building Similar Envrionments Stage Prod

3.2. Secure

3.2.1. Password Vault

3.2.2. ISO Stuff

3.3. Simple

3.3.1. e.g. Containers not in a VM

3.4. Reliable

3.4.1. 99.99% Uptime

3.4.2. Load Balancing Scaling

3.4.3. Blue & Green setup

3.5. Understanding

3.5.1. Documentation In Repoistories

3.5.2. Dev Engagement

4. Team

4.1. Empowered

4.1.1. Hiring & Firing Knowledge & Skills Engaged

4.1.2. Decisions Code Infrastructure Standards Commit Messages Consensus Driven

4.2. Fun Events

4.2.1. Team Building

4.2.2. Hack Stuff

4.3. Safe Envrionment

4.3.1. Raise Concerns

4.3.2. Constructive Feedback

4.4. Training

4.5. Personal Development