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COMPARING PYRAMIDS around the World by Mind Map: COMPARING PYRAMIDS around the World

1. Egypt

1.1. The Pyramid of Khufu

1.1.1. Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Khufu's Pyramid is the first, and only survivor

1.2. The Pyramid of Khafre

1.2.1. This Pyramid is a Resting Place of Khufu

2. China

2.1. one of the pyramid is called "The Great White Pyramid of China"

2.2. some pyramids are recently found

3. Peru

3.1. There are many puramids in perue and most of them are step pyramid

4. United States

4.1. Monk’s pyramid-mound at Cahokia, Illinois, a mud brick platform-pyramid

5. Spain

5.1. around six pyramids were found on the eastern shore of Tenerife Island, the Canary Islands

6. Yonaguni-Japan

6.1. Pyramid in this area is under water because its asea

7. Russia

7.1. This are Trin Pyramid

8. Rome

8.1. Pyramid of Caius Cestius.A Fashionable Tomb

9. England

9.1. 'pyramid' hill

10. Ireland

10.1. Pyramids in Ireland - Newgrange

11. Bosnia

11.1. Bosnia valley of Pyramid

12. Mexico

12.1. The pyramid of TEotihuacan

12.1.1. this is a step Pyramid

12.1.2. This was a main Temple of the sun

12.2. The pyramid of Cholula

12.2.1. this pyramid is on the mountain

13. The mysterious pyramids of Tenerife island 79

13.1. Tenerife island is near Morocco in Africa

14. Greece

14.1. Pyramid of Hellinikon.

14.1.1. The pyramid at Hellenikon has the shape of a tour with its external sides sloping

15. Indonesia

15.1. Java's Ancient Erotic Pyramid

15.2. Candi Sukuh is a hindu temple

16. Guatemala

16.1. Its a step pyramid of tikal

17. Japan

17.1. this pyramid is under water

18. Ziggurat/middle east

18.1. this pyramid was build by the people who lived in the ancient Mesopotamian valley

19. Australia

19.1. Walsh's Pyramid Cairns

20. France

20.1. Pyramid of Falicon