Classroom Management

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Classroom Management by Mind Map: Classroom Management

1. Using the voice How we speak, important instrument, crucial impact on classes.

2. Awareness conscious,manage a class successfully, responsibility is response-ability”!, We also need to be self- aware, eacher's chief tools: the voice.

3. Appropriacy teachers sit or stand in classrooms, physical behavior.

4. Effectively classroom, space, organied, the way talk to students,deal with difficult situacion

5. THE TEACHER IN THE CLASS ROOM. part in our management, able to respon to what happens in class, their own physical characteristics and habits which have a direct bearing.

6. proximity. how close they should be to the students the are working with, uncomfortable if their teacher stands or sits close to them, Teachers should be consciousto

7. Movement the side, or in the middle, walking from side to side,

8. Audibility Good voice projection, teachers need to be audible., audibility cannot be divorced from voice quality:

9. Variety to give instructions appropriate for conversation ,the volume they speak,

10. Conservation Breathing properly, teachers have to take great care of their voices, when planning a day's or a week's .

11. Talking to student. require teachers to empathize, less complex grammatical structures , eye contact, physical contact. , use and voice tone,

12. Giving intruction. they must be kept as simple as possible, must be logical.

13. .What information do they need first? Which should come next?

14. have understood , asked to translate the instructions ,

15. Student talk and teacher talk less time, the students who need the practice, not the teacher, teacher talks and talks, the students will have less time