most memorable o-week event ever UQ SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME OWEEK EVENT :D

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most memorable o-week event ever UQ SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME OWEEK EVENT :D by Mind Map: most memorable o-week event ever UQ SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME OWEEK EVENT :D

1. Website

1.1. Help menu

1.1.1. Emergency contacts.

1.1.2. Security.

1.1.3. Heads of department

1.2. Photography Challenge

1.2.1. Get everyone to take photos of the whole experience to submit to the website.

1.3. Photo gallery for post event photos.


1.5. Sign Up

1.5.1. Mobile phone number

1.5.2. Email

1.5.3. Interesting fact

1.5.4. Program enrolled

1.5.5. Name

1.5.6. Submit adds to xml

1.6. Survey

1.6.1. What type of mobile phone do you have?

1.6.2. Do you have a camera?

1.6.3. Does you're phone have email?

1.7. Provide Information

1.7.1. Terms and Conidtions.

1.7.2. People to contact.

1.7.3. Helpful websites. UQConnect AskIT Student Helpdesk Student Services (Union) News Groups eLearning@UQ

1.7.4. What you're participating in!

1.7.5. Stuff to bring ITS Login Information Clip Board Pen Camera Mobile Phone

2. SMS System

2.1. Import phone numbers and details from website.

2.1.1. Allocate groups

2.2. Respond to answers.

2.3. Respond to calls for help.

2.4. Start the event.

2.5. Push out random tasks.

2.6. Export status's for tracking systems.

2.7. track them receive or not the sms

2.7.1. send YES/OK

2.7.2. Design some menu on the phone:OK Required them to download some application

3. Phsyical Stuff

3.1. Printed clue, hint, answer posters.

3.2. Library props

3.2.1. DVD Cases

3.2.2. Book sculpture

3.2.3. piece

3.3. Progress board

3.3.1. A4 Size to each group monitor their progress throughout the activity

3.3.2. crossword template

3.4. Identifier

3.4.1. Participant

3.4.2. Group

3.4.3. Staff/Volunteer

4. Future

4.1. newsgroup

4.1.1. greeting in each group created

4.1.2. explain about what that newsgroup for

4.1.3. No newsgroup Studio 1- Visual Thinking:ienv1301 Discrete Mathematics:math7861

4.1.4. suggestion newsgroup for elective(in general) uq.itee.elective

5. Chaos

5.1. Original Meeting Point (An oval or large congregation area?)

5.1.1. Information Presented Whoever is overseeing the process welcomes everyone and provides in vital last minute information. Helpers are on hand to give out group specific material such as identifieres.

5.1.2. Interesting Fact Distribution Sending a word randomly to each participant, each of them need to find other person who also got the same words.

5.1.3. Form Groups Group Color Coding or Identifiers First Hint Distributed Groups Embark on Experience

5.1.4. Should Forming of Groups Fail Distribute SMS to each participant advising their group colour. Students meet at Identifier station, pickup their identifiers and get to know each other. Should Group making still fail Groups Embark on Experience.

5.1.5. START LOCATION:Playing Field 4

5.2. Connect to people on location

5.2.1. Find a particular person to get a game clue

5.2.2. Multiple crossword words make up keywords for library catalog search.

5.3. NODE1

5.3.1. Sir James Foots - 47A Receive SMS Go to Sir James Foots. 6 Down: Your word is repeated 7 times in the video playing. When complete reply with the word. At building there are TV's with a video playing. Watch the video. Pay attention to all the words in the video and pick the one that is said 7 times. SMS in the answer. System Responds

5.3.2. GP South - 78 Receive SMS Go to Hawken Building 7 Across: Your word is scattered at important locations. Hint: Something. When complete reply with the word. At GPSOUTH building there are large letters on places of interest to students. Find all the letters Put the letters together in the right order to form the word. SMS in the answer. System Responds Places 6 7 1 2 3 Peter office-628 4 5 4

5.3.3. Dorothy Hill Physical Sciences & Engineering - 50 Find shelves with IT & MM related books/sources put a props on the shelves Code to show up on the system Using library catalog search Hire & Return Using/hire/book audio visual equipment to play a DVD/CD/Digital media sources book/hire study space & laptop Photocopying Receive SMS Go to the Dorothy Hill Physical Science & Engineering Library in Hawken Building. 8 Across: Your word is trapped in a DVD case in the library. Free it by using the catalog to find the DVD case! If you get lost try asking one of the friendly library staff for help. In the library there is a DVD case that has been cataloged and placed on a shelf. Find the dvd case. Decipher Jigsaw Puzzle. SMS in the answer. System Responds. Borrow the DVD case. Return through chute flip card concept

5.4. NODE3

5.4.1. Uq Connect - 21 C Recieve SMS Find UQ Connect downstairs in the Union Complex. Here you can buy internet Quota. There are pictures, find the common theme amoungst theme. SMS in the answer System responds Right Next Piece Wrong Try Again

5.4.2. Union Eating facilities Pizza Bakery Main Refrectory Mr. Bean coffee Gelatis Sushi & Noodle Bar Pharmacies Schonell Theatre IT & Mac stuff shop Printing&Photocopy shop Bicycle shop Commanwealth Bank Bookshop Dentist Travel agent Student support services Lollyshop Hair Saloon Gift shop

5.5. NODE2

5.5.1. Student Center - 61 Receive SMS Go to Student Center 7 Down: Find the right word in the word search. Topic "Well, it isn't hard". There is a wordsearch poster in the window. Check the Wordsearch SMS in the answer. System Responds.

5.5.2. Social Sciences - 2 Newsgroups Receive SMS

5.5.3. Steele Building Receive SMS Go to Hawken Building and find the Riddle Poster Riddle Games Figure out the answer to the riddles SMS in the answer. System Responds

6. Game element

6.1. Crossword Puzzle

6.2. Scavenger hunt

6.2.1. Race through streets at UQ and collect the clue

6.2.2. website link to specific page to get the answer

6.2.3. Find things at a listed location

6.2.4. Photo puzzle

6.3. Team Building

6.3.1. Autograph Bingo Game ice breaker that asks people to mingle and find people that match interesting facts on a bingo card.

6.4. Global game:inspiration

6.4.1. Social reality based game Passing card/gift/clue/answer?

6.4.2. Amazing race Reading Map Find places Collect things Final point

6.5. Clue design

6.5.1. Digital Printed Ring words

6.5.2. Code number/barcode/QR

6.5.3. Artefact

6.5.4. Audio Visual Video/recorded mode Live telecast?

6.5.5. Questions

6.6. Responds

6.6.1. Encouraging correct Well done with the following instruction message Incorrect Send a next piece/instruction to go forward

6.6.2. Judging Correct Incorrect/Please try again

6.7. Reward

6.7.1. More correct answer

6.7.2. Faster and correct answer

6.7.3. Dependent on which location they got the correct answer Different prizes/gift from the location

6.8. Progress Board

6.8.1. Handout to each group to carry on along during the activity

6.8.2. Crossword puzzle template

6.8.3. Activity map Map switching

6.9. Challenge

6.9.1. Knowing staff

6.9.2. seek and find

6.9.3. using website

6.9.4. using services

6.9.5. Find information from the UQ website

6.9.6. Find information from a school website

7. Newsgroup

7.1. 1st semester

7.1.1. uq.itee.mmds1400

7.1.2. uq.itee.csse1001

7.1.3. uq.itee.mmds1311

7.1.4. math-??