Forces and Pressure

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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. Forces

1.1. Can

1.1.1. Change direction of moving object

1.1.2. Size and shape of object

1.1.3. Start an object moving

1.1.4. Stop a moving object

1.2. Is a push or pull

1.2.1. Lifting

1.2.2. Bending

1.2.3. Stretching

1.2.4. Twisting

1.2.5. Squeezing

2. Types of Forces

2.1. Gravitational

2.1.1. Force that attracts objects to Earth's core

2.2. Magnetic

2.2.1. Like poles repel, unlike poles attract

2.2.2. Is force exerted by a magnet on another magnetic material or magnet

2.2.3. Used in Maglev trains, fridges etc.

2.3. Frictional

2.3.1. Advantages Enables us to walk Allows us to grip things

2.3.2. Disadvantages Causes unnecessary heat Causes wear and tear

2.3.3. Ways to reduce friction Ball bearings Streamlining Smooth surfaces Lubricants

2.3.4. Is when two objects move across each other

3. Measured by

3.1. Newtons(N)

4. Instruments

4.1. Spring Balances

4.1.1. Compression (Push)

4.1.2. Extension (Pull)

5. Weight

5.1. Gravity acting on an object

5.1.1. Weight on Earth= Mass x 10

5.1.2. Weight on Moon= Weight on Earth x 1/6

6. Pressure

6.1. Force acting per unit area

6.2. Increases when

6.2.1. Force increases

6.2.2. Area Decreases

7. High Pressure

7.1. Reducing contact area causes more force to be concentrated on a small area

8. Low Pressure

8.1. Increasing contact area "spreads" the force exerted to a larger area.