Restlet - 02/21/12

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Restlet - 02/21/12 by Mind Map: Restlet - 02/21/12

1. Overview of REST

1.1. Wikipedia is a great resource

2. Richardson Maturity Model

2.1. `Different levels of rest to reach the - Glory of REST

3. Overview of Reslet

3.1. Summary is a lot like Spring

3.2. An implementation, not a spec (to contrast jee)

3.3. Jackon/JSON auto binding

3.4. XML/JAXB binding

3.4.1. Unclear if its automagic like jackson

3.5. GWT Support

3.6. Cloud deployment

3.6.1. android

3.6.2. google app engine

3.6.3. etc

3.7. 'Client' support

3.7.1. Java calling other REST resources

4. Hello World App

4.1. Extension based framework

4.1.1. has annotations also, but extension is required

4.2. Starts a 'Server'

4.2.1. can do WAR deployment loses functionality unsure what functionality

4.3. @Get for binding

4.4. @Get("json") for content negotiation

5. Stutter App

5.1. YATC (Yet Another Twitter Clone)

5.2. Interface defines @Get, @Post etc

5.2.1. I like that idea

5.3. Call Start Server

5.3.1. @override createInboundRoot() { Routers that define URI's and classes to service URI's router.attach(BASE + "/user/{username}", UserServiceResource.class)

5.4. UserServerResource extends ServerResource

5.4.1. static method getAttribute("username")

5.4.2. use New Reference(getReference()) to get the URL to this resource This works because its extending a class and you register classes to urls but useful in an abstract sense of 'Reference' if its not just a String

5.5. Automatic Jackson mapping, pseudo XML mapping

5.5.1. May be better w/ JAXB or others

5.6. Rest Client

5.6.1. Using pojos to call interfaces

5.6.2. ClientResource.create(BASE + "/users", UserListManager.class) Rest interface to call .addUser()