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Restlet - 02/21/12 by Mind Map: Restlet - 02/21/12
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Restlet - 02/21/12

Overview of REST

Wikipedia is a great resource

Richardson Maturity Model

`Different levels of rest to reach the - Glory of REST

Overview of Reslet

Summary is a lot like Spring

An implementation, not a spec (to contrast jee)

Jackon/JSON auto binding

XML/JAXB binding

GWT Support

Cloud deployment

'Client' support

Hello World App

Extension based framework

Starts a 'Server'

@Get for binding

@Get("json") for content negotiation

Stutter App

YATC (Yet Another Twitter Clone)

Interface defines @Get, @Post etc

Call Start Server

UserServerResource extends ServerResource

Automatic Jackson mapping, pseudo XML mapping

Rest Client