The Writing Process

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The Writing Process by Mind Map: The Writing Process

1. Prewriting

1.1. Choosing A Topic: Letting student choose their own topic that they are writing about will help them be more engaged.

1.2. Establish the purpose and genre of the writing assignment.

1.3. Organize your ideas and thoughts through graphic organizers.

2. Drafting

2.1. Students now put their thoughts in an organized system. This will need lots of revisions and editing, but this step is to get al of the ideas out in an organized paragraph form. Students should write on every other line so there is room for corrections.

3. Revising

3.1. Reread the rough draft after a couple days after it was completed.

3.2. As they reread the students should be looking for corrections and making sure everything flows and makes sense.

3.3. Students then conference with groups so they can give feedback on the rough-draft and suggest possible revisions.

3.4. After all of the feedback students will now make their own revisions to their papers.

3.5. Teachers can create a checklist to give to students when revising their own work or someone else work.

4. Editing

4.1. Proofreading: This is when the student locates grammatical errors. The teacher should model how to proof read before students do it by themselves.

4.2. After the proofreading the students should correct their mistakes that they found. This could be done in editing centers or as a pair or independently.

5. Publishing

5.1. publishing the students writing is very important because it makes the students feel like they are good writers and that motivates them to keep writing.

5.1.1. Making Books

5.1.2. Read the writing aloud