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2012 Horizon Report by Mind Map: 2012 Horizon Report
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2012 Horizon Report

This mind mapping is derived from the 2012 Horizon Report for Higher Education published by New Media Consortium (NMC) under CC Attribution. Attached is a copy of the final Report as well as the Preview version.

Significant Challenges

Be sure to follow the link to the Wiki for a comprehensive view of the Challenges.

Unprecedented Competition

Lagging Metrics of Evaluation

Digital Media Literacy

Institutional Barriers

New Modes of Scholarship

Technology to Watch

It is worth looking through the Shortlist that is attached to see additional Technologies that did not make the final report. Similarly, the larger list in the project wiki may also be worthwhile.

Near Term Horizon (w/in 12 months)

Mid-term Horizon (2-3 years)

Far-term Horizon (4-5 years)

Key Trends

The 2012 Horizon Report Retreat Communique is provided as an attachment here because it includes the Meta-Trends which did not all make it into the final report. Reading the larger list of Metatrends in the wiki at this link is really worth while.

Rising Expectations


Workplace is Collaborative

Revisiting Educators Roles

Shifting Education Paradigms

New Classroom Emphasis