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English class by Mind Map: English class

1. Unit 1 - Meeting colleagues

1.1. Talking about myself and my job

1.1.1. "I'm a trainee shop/sales assistant, I'm training to become a management assistant in retail business/retailer/retale salesman

1.1.2. "I sell many different goods, unpack articles and sort them and I fill up the shelves."

1.1.3. "I serve customers."

1.1.4. "I started my traineeship in August 2018."

1.2. Introducing myself and others

1.2.1. "Good morning/afternoon/evening, Hi/Hello/Morning Mrs/Mr Smith"

1.2.2. "May I introduce you to ...?/May I introduce Mr ... to you?"

1.2.3. "My surname is ..., my first name is ..."

1.2.4. "I'm from Bremen, and I'm 22 years old."

1.3. Job duties

2. Unit 2 - Products & services

2.1. Explaining the benefits of products

2.1.1. "The shoes are not so expensive and they look stylish,too."

2.2. Talking to customers

2.2.1. "Are you interested in...?/"Have a look at..."/"Anything else Sir/Madam?"

2.3. Serving customers successfully

2.3.1. "We hope to see you again Sir/Madam"/"Here you are Sir/Madam. Your change and your receipt. Thank you for shopping with us. Have a nice day."

3. Unit 3 - Customers

3.1. Types of customers and their shopping habits

3.2. Keeping customers satisfied

3.3. Different types of shops

4. Unit 4 - Money

4.1. Talking about money

4.2. Goods and quantities

4.3. Talking about prices

4.4. At the cash desk