Green City in Vaexjoe,Swedia

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Green City in Vaexjoe,Swedia by Mind Map: Green City in Vaexjoe,Swedia

1. purpose

1.1. become a sustainable city

2. as

2.1. the greenest European city

3. reasons

3.1. using renewable energy

3.1.1. resistance attachment to the car

3.1.2. example fuel ingredients

3.2. clean transportation

3.3. energy conservation

4. in 1997

4.1. City of Vaexjoe build

4.1.1. district heater

4.1.2. heat generator system

4.1.3. Hot water pump

5. the planning in 1990

5.1. reduce emissions carbon

5.1.1. tujuan farmer moves to the local system reduce consumption paper residents use bicycles or public transportation

5.2. leaving the ingredients fossil fuels in 2030

6. 18th century

6.1. The lakes are polluted and have a dangerous odor

6.1.1. because Valley of the fabric industry

6.1.2. example lake Trumen

7. the city of Vaexjoe this time

7.1. has almost half carbon emissions

7.2. 90% of the 60,000 population get a heater and warm water

7.3. 2/3 of households recycle reset organic waste