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Argument Topic by Mind Map: Argument Topic

1. Do video games cause mass shootings

1.1. Statistics show that there is a sudden dip in mass shootings when a new video game comes out

1.1.1. When people play violent video games we also see dips in violent crimes and aggravated assault

1.2. mass shootings are uniquely a U.S. problem and video games are played all over the world

1.3. most video games are made in Japan, a country with less than seven gun deaths a year in a country of 127 million

1.4. There is no clear link between mass shootings and violent video games

1.5. only 20% of mass shooters actually show interest in violent video games

1.5.1. about 70% of high school students show interest in violent video games

2. Which secondary languages are worth studying

2.1. depending on the country you live in, in the U.S. Spanish is the second language and is used a lot because of the many immigrants

3. To regulate health issues, people should pay attention to their sleep more

4. Will humanity reach the time where there is no more technological advancements