Learner Engagement

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Learner Engagement by Mind Map: Learner Engagement

1. Kagan Structures

1.1. Pies

1.1.1. Positive Interdependence Does the success of one benefit others?

1.1.2. Individual Accountability Is individual, public performance required?

1.1.3. Equal Participation How equal is the participation?

1.1.4. Simultaneous Interaction What percent are engaged at once?

2. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

2.1. Self-Fulfillment Needs

2.1.1. Self-Actualization

2.2. Psychological Needs

2.2.1. Esteem Needs

2.2.2. Belongingness and Love Needs

2.3. Basic Needs

2.3.1. Safety Needs

2.3.2. Physiological Needs

3. Agency

3.1. How students have agency:

3.1.1. Choice

3.1.2. Creativity

3.1.3. Leading

3.1.4. Teaching

3.1.5. Facilitating Leaning

4. Metacognition

4.1. Underlining

4.2. Using metacognitive sentence stems

4.2.1. I'm thinking...

4.2.2. I'm noticing...

4.2.3. I'm wondering...

4.2.4. I'm seeing...

4.2.5. I'm feeling...

4.3. Discussing thinking with others

4.4. Stoping along the way

5. Student vs. Teacher Directed

5.1. Student Directed

5.1.1. Is the student the one asking the questions and leading the conversations?

5.1.2. Student helps peers

5.2. Teacher Directed

5.2.1. Is the teacher the one asking questions and leading the conversations?

5.2.2. Teacher help students

6. Student Sharing/Synthesizing

6.1. How are the students sharing what they are learning?

6.1.1. Students should share with their peers and their teacher what is being taught.

6.2. How are the students synthesizing the information presented to them in the lesson(s)?

6.2.1. Students should put together the pieces of the lesson into a whole.