Amanda's Dinner Party

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Amanda's Dinner Party by Mind Map: Amanda's Dinner Party

1. Deliverables

1.1. Contact a local restaruarnt to offer cattering services

1.2. Find a catering service and budget it for $350

1.2.1. Have this catering service show up 30 minutes before 6:00 on Saturday to setup

1.2.2. Make sure they bring drinks as well

1.3. Find a student who can volunteer or pay a cheap DJ for the six hours (Four hours main time) but one hour before and one hour after

1.3.1. Dj will also host a trivia event at 8:00 which is halfway through

1.3.2. This trivia event will be fun and also help saving money while adding a fun element to the dinner party

1.3.3. The trivia will be Maryland and Salisbury based so new people can learn more about the area

1.3.4. Dj budget with speakers should be around $75

1.4. Decorations

1.4.1. The dollar store next to salisbury sells very cheap table cloths They also sell very cheap red party strings with hearts Also allow us to purchase cards for the invitations

1.4.2. Should only spend no more than $75 on decorations

1.5. Schedule

1.5.1. 5:30 Dj will show up and set up equipment Catering service will also set up 30 minutes before This allows food to be prepped and drinks to be cold for people showing up at 6:00

1.5.2. 6:00 People start showing up and can sit down by tables and begin to congregate We can allow people to sit for themselves or assign people to seats so no one feels left out of the dinner party

1.5.3. 6:45 We begin people to start eating and enjoy their food and refreshments

1.5.4. 7:45 We begin the trivia event and have people compete against eachother for a cash prize of $10

1.5.5. 9:00 Trivia stops and people begin to have conversations again Also, deserts will officially begin to be provided

1.5.6. 10:00 Allow people to finish up and let them know that the Dj has one hour left of playing music Food catering service begins to pack up and leave

1.5.7. 11:00 Dj will begin to pack up and play final song

1.5.8. 11:!5 I begin to pack up and take down all decorations and store them for future use

2. Task

2.1. Budgeting

2.1.1. Try to spend no more than $500

2.1.2. Only spend over budget for something special

2.2. Time

2.2.1. Have dinner ready on Saturday

2.2.2. Dinner is from 6pm-10pm

2.2.3. Need to send out inventations

2.2.4. A schedule for the for the evening

2.3. Place

2.3.1. Inside a conference room

2.3.2. Will already fit everyone

2.3.3. Has no extra cost

2.3.4. Very bland room

2.3.5. At the very least tables decorated

2.3.6. Music required before, during and after

3. Stakeholders

3.1. 12 Faculty members

3.2. 2 new faculty members

3.3. 5 of the adjunct instructors

3.4. 3 admins

3.5. Project team

3.5.1. The stakeholders will have a complete automated dinner that would be provided by a local catering service and DJ. They only have to just show up and everything else will be provided to them.

4. Aidan

4.1. DJ that we know for $75

4.2. The price also includes equipment

4.3. The person who is in charge of trivia

5. Jessica

5.1. The person who will be catering

5.2. She will cost $350

6. Ralph & Josh

6.1. The two people that will be helping set up the decorations

6.2. Also we will be sending out invited

6.3. Manage the time and events during the dinner

6.4. We are gonna charge $50 each for a total of $100