Holiday Cards

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Holiday Cards by Mind Map: Holiday Cards

1. Step 1 Card Selection

1.1. (1st week of August) Look for Thanksgiving cards with an American flag

1.1.1. These are the vendors we have used in the past.

1.1.2. Do not repeat a design we have used in the past 5 years,

1.2. (3rd week of August) Card options 3-4 send to Sally for selection

1.3. (4th week of August) Design approval from Sally & order cards

1.3.1. Proof allowance is 2 days

1.3.2. Ordering early saves money

1.4. (2nd week of September) Cards should arrive

2. Step 2 Prepare spreadsheet for executive & directors

2.1. (1st Monday in September) Create a spreadsheet for each Executive and prepare RSVP's for review

2.1.1. In SharePoint create a file for each Executive and share the file with them only

2.1.2. Custom sort Company, Contact & Primary signer

3. Step 3 Each executive reviews the RSVP list created for them

3.1. (1st Friday in September) Request RSVP review sent to each executive

3.2. (NLT September 31st) Reminder to executives of the RSVP list deadline

4. Step 4 Signatures & duplicate check

4.1. (1st week of October) Send cards to executives to collect signatures in batches as executive respond

4.2. Start labels as signatures are being gathered

5. Step 5 USPS verses Hand-carry

5.1. Hand-carry marked on appropriate cards (post-it note over the stamp area)

5.2. Addresses on envelopes as they are returned form executives

5.3. Return address labels added to cards after they have an address label

5.4. Postage added (Except for Hand-carry cards)

5.5. Bulk mail cards to Dayton or COS for signatures, as appropriate. Postage has been added so that they can mail directly to customers

5.6. Hand-carry cards are returned to executives for dispersal

5.7. Duplicate check before mailing cards

5.8. Send remaining cards to the post office

6. Step 6 Prepare for next year

6.1. Copy final spreadsheet to a new master file for next year. Combining the individual executives lists into one 'Master' file

6.2. Record the number of cards used, so we get an accurate count to assist in ordering the correct quantity next year

6.3. Enter card image to the 'previous years cards' Adding the year into the name for easy referance

6.4. Follow-up with executives on all 'return to sender' cards. Correct address or determine if the person is no longer with the company.

7. Co-signer process