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Android Dev Camp by Mind Map: Android Dev Camp

1. Vragen vooraf

1.1. Hoe gemakkelijk is het om een Android app te maken?

1.2. Hoe gebruik je een API?

1.3. Video?

1.4. ING API

2. Presentations

2.1. @rhymo

2.1.1. trend changes

2.2. @pr1001

2.3. Noud van Alem Country Marketing Manager Google

2.3.1. worked in India for Google Free OS / good in hardware @sgfwarnaars: ASUS effect 250 miljoen mobiele gebruikers en slechts 30 miljoen internetgebruikers

2.4. Bart Weijermars Marketing Directeur T-Mobile

2.4.1. Make mobile internet a mass market

2.4.2. Android is strategic mobile platform

2.4.3. more handsets coming

2.4.4. question fragmentation platforms stores answer: let the best win

2.5. Wikitude

2.5.1. Augmented Reality

2.5.2. mobile travel guide

2.5.3. Panorameo

2.5.4. working with the compass

2.5.5. Noud: directions? easy

2.5.6. Question: data cost working with a guidebook company on that

2.6. PicSay

2.6.1. photo editing

2.6.2. iPhone-like user interface

2.7. Twitli

2.7.1. has geolocation Android advantage shows where users are

2.7.2. translation

2.7.3. Flickr/Google photo upload

2.7.4. "Android is much like Java" Google says Android == Java, probably because of licensing issues

2.7.5. Google Maps is built into Android

2.7.6. Android runs a version of Linux

2.7.7. Lot of fun to program

2.7.8. expect many cheap Android phones from Asia -> they do not want to make their own OS

2.8. ShopSavy

2.8.1. G1 is doing better than the iPhone in the US outsold 3-1 penetration advantage 100% more Android apps than iPhone apps

2.8.2. Adroid has Community Support

2.8.3. second most popular app

2.8.4. business model cpc revenue

2.8.5. library for barcode scanning is open

2.8.6. 4:300,000 user support issue

2.8.7. odesk for staff

2.8.8. "not a database but a search engine"

3. API session

3.1. Ilse Media

3.1.1. NU jij

3.1.2. typepad

3.2. Hyves

3.2.1. 2 million pageviews on iPhone

3.2.2. location based services are key

3.2.3. they use their own api's for mobile apps

3.2.4. use with Open Social RSS en XMPP (chat platform)

3.2.5. 'methods'

3.3. Matthijs van Abbe

3.3.1. Mobypicture


3.3.3. faviconz

3.4. ING

3.4.1. ATM locator Sven, ING innovation department idea of @rhymo takes geolocation returns the 10 closest ATM machines (of all banks)


3.5.1. aggregator

3.6. specialbite