Linking clauses

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Linking clauses by Mind Map: Linking clauses

1. What are linking clauses ?

1.1. Linking clauses are considered connectors that have differents uses based in their conjunctions and advers.

2. Time clause

2.1. Should express the action depending on times

2.1.1. Examples : While I was sleeping, my cellphone rang. I’ll go there when you get some free time.

3. Result clause

3.1. Express result

3.1.1. So : I’m busy so I can’t go there

3.1.2. As / therefore: I have a lot of work. Therefore, now I’m busy

3.1.3. Such + that : It is such a hard work that I don’t have free time

4. Purpose clause

4.1. Express the purpose of an action

4.1.1. To + infinitive : Mary goes to mall to shop new clothes

4.1.2. Based o time :So that + can / will We got a map so we would not get lost

5. Reason clause

5.1. This type of linking clause express the cause of an action

5.1.1. Because : I go to sleep because I’m tired

5.1.2. As / since : As you get in we’ll go out

6. Estructure

6.1. Main clause + subordinate conjunction + dependent clause