Linking clauses

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Linking clauses by Mind Map: Linking clauses

1. Time clause :

1.1. Express actions based on time

1.1.1. Examples : When you clean the house , your friends can come While I was running my knee broke down

2. Result clause:

2.1. Show the result of actions

2.1.1. So: He is not here , so he can’t help you.

2.1.2. Such..... that: He is such a complicated man that he is always late

2.1.3. As & therefore: He has a conference now . Therefore he will not help you now

3. Purpose clause:

3.1. Explain the action purpose

3.1.1. To + infinitive: Luis studies math to have high grades

3.1.2. So that..... can + will: Hellen will buy some food so we can eat dinner

4. Reason clause :

4.1. Show the cause of actions

4.1.1. Because : She is hungry because she doesn’t eat the breakfast

4.1.2. As/ since : As it’s your birthday. I will buy you a new car

5. What is a linking clause ?

5.1. A linking clause is a type of coordinated sentence that explain actions

5.2. It’ have a simple structure : Main clause + subordinate conjunction + dependent clause.