Mind-Map Ch 1-5

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Mind-Map Ch 1-5 by Mind Map: Mind-Map Ch 1-5

1. Memory

1.1. Recite and Repeat

1.2. Compare things to what you are interested in

1.3. Try to study more difficult subjects during your peak in energy

2. Time

2.1. Set time

2.2. Write out goals

2.3. Make a daily to-do list

3. Reading

3.1. Highlight important items

3.2. Take breaks between readings

3.3. Get up and move around

4. Learning Styles

4.1. Self-Motivating

4.2. Modes of Learning

5. Notes

5.1. Use key words

5.2. Organize notes

5.3. Pictures and diagrams

5.4. Contact class members for notes if you miss a class