A Successful Exhibition

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A Successful Exhibition by Mind Map: A Successful Exhibition

1. Learner Profile: Reflective

2. The process of self-reflection through every step of the exhibition process is a skill built up the whole year, but in fact through the entire journey of the PYP. Students who are skilled at reflecting on their own learning should be well-equipped to assess their own achievements and to determine the criteria for a successful inquiry project.

3. The Approaches to Learning: These are the fundamental skills required to prepare students for the various requirements of the exhibition, and for the IB programs of MYP and DP.

3.1. Social Skills: working with others, collaborating effectively, sharing your thinking clearly and learning from others, communicating to experts and community members in a professional manner, digital citizenship

3.2. Research Skills: formulating effective research questions, evaluating sources, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data

4. The Inquiry Cycle: students, teachers, mentors, families and facilitators who are familiar with the format of this cycle will be well equipped to organize the exhibition process in a way that culminates in meaningful action stemming firmly in the interested and passions of the child.

4.1. Tuning In

4.2. Finding Out

4.3. Sorting Out

4.4. Making Conclusions

4.5. Going Further

4.6. Taking Action

5. Assessment Capable Students: students who are able to determine their own criteria for success. Who are able to reflect on their learning, their performance, and the depth and scope of their action to evaluate the process and quality of their inquiry.