Global Tourism

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Global Tourism by Mind Map: Global Tourism

1. international tourism

1.1. tourism outside of the tourist's own country

2. domestics tourism

2.1. tourism travels within the tourist's own country

3. places of scenic beauty

3.1. Earth Natural environment

3.1.1. e.g. mount Everest,great barrier reef,Victoria falls,grand canyon

3.2. Honeypot tourism

3.2.1. tourism that attract large number of people due to site's scenic beauty. it is usually overcrowded during peak seasons. grand canyon

4. places with good facilities

4.1. Meeting incentives convention event (MICE) facilities

4.1.1. host large scales of events (meetings and conventions) have support infrastructure and service such as hotels,retail shops brings in business Traveler

4.2. medical facilities

4.2.1. undergo medical procedures that would enhance or restore health it will attract more medical tourists if it offer good health care service at affordable price e.g. South Korea,popular for cosmetics surgery

4.3. theme parks

4.3.1. have a central subject or theme such as History,Education,Fantasy and movie cater to young and old poeple e.g. Walt Disney in floride

5. places with rich culture

5.1. heritage tourism

5.1.1. experience different culture and to understand the history of places better e.g. museums,traditional festivals and national and historical monuments / UNITED NATIONAL EDUCATION,SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO)-World heritage site

5.2. film induced tourism

5.2.1. they have not considered traveling to before certain scene were filmed and how place inspired parts of the film e.g. Avatar

5.3. pilgrimage tourism

5.3.1. places of conflict dark tourism associated with death and tragedy

6. promotion of tourism

6.1. government

6.1.1. planning,funding and building work with Singapore tourism board to development of new attraction such as river safari. in this way,with new attraction,infrastructure and a safer environment, tourist will promoted as new tourists will be attracted to visit country.

6.2. media

6.2.1. share news and latest information to educate the public through television travel writers like TripAdvisor and easily accessibly from various media platforms and many influence the decision of travelers In terms of deciding their final destination. in this way, tourism is promoted as tourist maybe influence to visit the destinations after reading about the places in media.