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Mindmeister by Mind Map: Mindmeister

1. Description

1.1. a mind mapping tool use to visibly capture, share, and nurture ideas.

1.2. dependable tool that helps users establish strong communication.

2. Purpose

2.1. allows the user to brainstorm ideas in an organized structure called a mind map.

3. Advantages

3.1. easy to use

3.2. no learning curve

3.3. easy to share

3.4. intuitive

3.5. easy to republish elsewhere

3.6. works offline

4. Disadvantages

4.1. can't always copy and paste between maps

4.2. can't have more than one center point

4.3. can't easily connect one map to another one

5. How to use

5.1. Login to MindMeister's web app at This will redirect you to your dashboard.

5.1.1. In the top-left corner of your dashboard, click on + New Mind Map and select a template from the list to get started.

5.2. Click on the + button or press INS or TAB to add an idea.

5.3. click on the delete icon or press DEL to delete an idea.

5.4. Double-click anywhere on the map to add a new first level idea.

5.5. Drag and drop ideas to rearrange them on your map.

5.6. Use cursor keys to navigate through your map.

6. GROUP 2

6.1. Aballe, Roland

6.2. Arnaiz, Angel

6.3. Arpon, Vince Christian

6.4. Ferrater, Rey louis

6.5. Jarap, Jannine Mikaela