War in Europe

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War in Europe by Mind Map: War in Europe

1. War in Africa

1.1. Mussolini invaded Ethiopia

1.2. Germans in Egypt

1.3. Allies defeat Nazis in Egypt

1.4. US troops land in Morocco and Algeria

1.5. squeeze out the Nazis from east and west

1.6. Nazis move north to Italy

1.7. Mussolini was overthrown in Italy

1.8. Allies took over Rome

1.9. Pushed Nazis back into Germany and bombed them fiercely there

2. Soviet Union

2.1. Leningrad

2.1.1. 900 day battle, Soviet win

2.2. Moscow

2.2.1. Soviet win

2.3. Stalingrad

2.3.1. Germany took the city. Soviets surrounded it, cutting off supplies, Germany surrendered

3. Invasion of France

3.1. US, Canada and GB stormed the beaches of Normandy

3.2. called D-day, Allied success

4. Battle of the Bulge

4.1. last German offensive that almost worked

5. Berlin, Germany

5.1. Soviets closed in on Hitler

5.2. Hitler committed suicide

5.3. Soviet discovered concentration camps and gas chambers and liberated Jews and other prisoners