Learner Engagement

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Learner Engagement by Mind Map: Learner Engagement

1. Agency

1.1. how students show agency.

1.1.1. Choices

1.1.2. Creativity

1.1.3. Leading

1.2. Amount of self control and direction the students have in the classroom.

2. Helping

2.1. Students will be able to talk with a group about an idea.

2.2. Students will be able to help others find easy ways to learn the material.

3. Metagocnition.

4. Social/Emotional Needs

4.1. a safe environment.

5. Kagan Structures.

5.1. PIES

5.1.1. Positive interdependence

5.1.2. individual accountability

5.1.3. equal participation

5.1.4. simultaneous interaction

5.2. The structure increases student engagement and equality.

6. Teacher/Student directed

6.1. Teachers are to explain the material but doesn't direct the conversation.

6.1.1. Teachers should ask questions.

6.1.2. Teacher should provide the appropriate material.

6.2. Students should be directing the conversation.

6.2.1. Students will ask questions.

6.2.2. Students will work with peers.