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TechPrice by Mind Map: TechPrice

1. Money saving

2. Variety of shops

3. Time saving

4. Global rating of items

5. Customer oriented design

6. Smart feedback parsing system.

7. Getting feedbacks from different sources.

8. Local shops parsing.

9. Smart rating system.

10. All shops in one place.

11. Customer chooses shop independently.

12. System of notifications

13. Customer gets necessary information timely.

14. Customer creates favourites list of items to get information about them timely (for example price decreasing).

15. Discounts from shops exactly for website users.

16. Shops rating by users reviews.

17. Customer saves time for other things.

18. Customer sees relevant prices of items.

19. Shops give discount coupons to increse their rating on site.

20. GoogleAd suggestions

21. Customer gets suggest items by his internet activity, measured by Google