Types Of Network


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Types Of Network by Mind Map: Types Of Network

1. CAN

1.1. is a computer network

1.2. that links the buildings and consists of two or more local

1.3. area networks (LANs) within the limited geographical area.

1.4. It can be the college campus, enterprise campus.

2. LAN

2.1. is designed to connect

2.2. personal computers and other digital devices within a halfmile or 500-meter radius. LANs typically connect a few

2.3. computers in a small office, all the computers in one building.

3. MAN

3.1. is a network that

3.2. spans a metropolitan area, usually a city and its major

3.3. suburbs. Its geographic scope falls between a WAN and a LAN.

4. WAN

4.1. span broad geographical

4.2. distances—entire regions, states, continents, or the entire

4.3. globe. The most universal and powerful WAN is the

4.4. Internet. Computers connect to a WAN through public

4.5. networks, such as the telephone system or private cable system

4.6. or through leased lines or satellites.


5.1. Represented by a continuous waveform

5.2. that passes through a communications medium and has

5.3. been used for voice communication

5.4. For example :- Telephone ,the speaker on your computer.


6.1. as strings of two discrete states: one bit and

6.2. zero bits, which are represented as on-off electrical pulses.

6.3. Computers use digital signals and require a modem to

6.4. convert these digital signals into analog signals that can be sent.


7.1. The Internet has become the world’s most extensive,

7.2. public communication system that now rivals the global

7.3. telephone system in reach and range. It’s also the world’s

7.4. largest implementation of client/server computing and internet working.


8.1. The World Wide Web (abbreviated WWW or the Web) is an

8.2. information space where documents and other web

8.3. resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators

8.4. interlinked by hypertext links, and can be accessed via the internet.