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WangXian by Mind Map: WangXian

1. WWX goes to Cloud Receses

1.1. WWX is taken back to Cloud Recesses during his recovery by LWJ

1.1.1. WWX is forced to go to a meeting with LWJ, LXC, and LQR The meeting goes over the rules and what is expected of him during this stay like every time someone goes and vists During the meeting either LQR or LXC notices that LWJs headband is wrapped around WWXs wrist and arm This is the arm that he injured during his suicide attempt. WWX was very ashamed of the scars and gross stitches that covered his arm so lwj gave him that to cover and for other reasons

1.2. Jiang Cheng finds out Wei Wuxian is there and goes to visit since Lan Wangji was a bully

1.2.1. Lan Wangji isn't happy Xichen keeps an eye on him and has a talk with him Whenever Jiang Cheng is angry, Xichen just puts a hand on his shoulder "Stop acting like a child"

2. Motor Cycle Accident and Yanli's death

2.1. Despite a lot of warnings from LWJ, WWX goes and rides his motorcycle again.

2.2. WWX uses it as a coping mechanism and a way to get away and spend his time

2.3. LWJ probably refuses to ride with WWX but he keeps riding anyways

2.3.1. Yanli sees how upset it makes WWX to be alone at a time like that and asks if she can go with him WWX refuses at first, but its his Shijie and he loves her and is super weak for her so he does it anyways. When they are riding, WWX is still hurt. He is also dumb and is riding after rain so the road is already slippery and harder to ride on. WWX loses control of the bike after hitting a speed bump, which aggravated the wound on his stomach. Dumbass probably rips his stitches because hes also being reckless trying to impress Yanli and make her happy Because he Ripped his stitches hes bleeding a lot and is losing control.

2.3.2. Hes unable to stop the motorcycle at a red light and a car passing through the intersection T-Bones them. Yanli dies at the scene Yanli left behind a son that was born only months prior to an ex-boyfriend (Jin Zixuan) who cheated on her WWX somehow survives Note: its because hes a cockroach that cant die Both are transported to the hospital and he loses consciousness and is unaware that Yanli is dead

3. Xue Yang introduced

3.1. XY hangs around WWX a lot

3.1.1. XY starts getting dirty thoughts about WWX when he accidentally sends him sexy pictures instead of LWJ one day and he responds back with the eggplant and water droplets emoji WWX going to pretend like that never happened but XY is still going to try super super hard to get with him after that.

3.1.2. WWX highkey ignores the messages and just messages LWJ instead pretending like nothing was even happening even though that is not true.

3.2. XY gets WWX to get nips, tongue, and ears pierced

3.2.1. LWJ finds out about the pierced nips and makes WWX take them out because he does not like them "Lan Zhan!! Do you know how much these hurt! I screamed! Don't make me take them out! I like them" - WWX WWX is also very pouty and upset that he was forced to take them out. LWJ refuse to sleep with WWX until he takes them out?????? Note: LWJ is like a 70 year old man. He is a Lan afterall

3.2.2. LWJ is surprised by the tongue piercing via blowjob "Lan Er-Gege you should get a piercing down here, I bet it would feel amazing for us both" -WWX

3.3. XY invites WWX over alot

3.4. also gets him to smoke cigarettes at somepoint during this

3.4.1. WWX starts using the cigarettes as a way to cope

3.5. XY gets WWX drunk and drugs him and tries to assault him

3.5.1. LWJ takes WWX home but he does not remember anything the next day because of drugs LWJ tries to tell WWX not to hang around XY anymore but does not tell him why. He doesnt want to tell WWX was he was assaulted by him XXC and SL are informed of what happened and also try and discourage WWX from going around XY but he doesnt listen Not long after that WWX goes back to XY "Since you like being choked so much from what you always tell me, how about I humor you"- XY

3.5.2. LWJ finds out by a distressed text from WWX and intervenes in time and stops him.


4.1. WWX goes back to Lotus Pier with LWJ

4.1.1. First thing that happens is that he is met by JC and the man hugs him because he hasnt seen him in a long time JC notices LWJ fairly quickly and is scowling "Wei Wuxian! Who the fuck is this?" -JC WWX completely destroys the room that hes staying in with LWJ theres clothes and shit everywhere and LWJ tries to clean up after him but he cant. WWX is like a fucking hurricane or something

4.1.2. WWX was also beat the last time that he was in Lotus pier and escaped wounded

5. Break at Cloud Recesses

5.1. After the memorial services WWX ends up going back to the cloud recesses with LWJ

5.1.1. To avoid getting in trouble, they ignore it one morning but LXC sees the room a mess and has one of the younger disciples help them out and clean while theyre meeting with Lan Qiren One of the disciples comes across a pair of scarlett lacy panties and is really upset about it. They bring it to lan qiren because there are rules in place. They are not to have contact with female disciples. Males and females are to be kept separate at all times.... and so Lan Qiren asks the booming question. "Where did these come from?!"- LQR