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TikTok by Mind Map: TikTok

1. Data

1.1. Users' account information

1.1.1. Users' name, age, gender, address, email address, social media login details, telephone number, photograph, language selection, financial and credit card information. It is alsoncluding but not limited to, your Apple, Google or Windows account, PayPal or other third-party payment channel account

1.2. The information from third party social network providers.

1.2.1. Including advertising networks, analytics providers, business directories and other commercially or publicly available sources.

1.3. Technical and behavioural information

1.3.1. Users' comments or any other user-generated content, video content, opt-ins and communication preferences and engagement scores.

1.4. Messages users send through TikTok.

1.4.1. The context of composing, sending, or receiving messages. Be aware:messages sent to other users will be accessible by those other users and that the App is not responsible for the manner in which those users use or disclose messages.

1.5. Cookies

1.5.1. Strictly necessary Cookies

1.5.2. Functionality Cookies

1.5.3. Social media Cookies

1.5.4. Targeting Cookies

1.5.5. Analytics Cookies

2. Cost

2.1. No need money to use the App

2.2. Potential risks of disclosure and sale of personal information and data.

3. Privacy

3.1. They collect users' information

3.1.1. To administer the Platform and for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes (i.e. to guarantee the Platform’s stability and security) and to solicit users' feedback

3.1.2. To personalise the content users receive and provide

3.1.3. To measure and understand the effectiveness of the advertising they serve to users.

3.1.4. To receive payments from users when they make purchase.

3.1.5. To notify users about changes to their Services;

3.2. They share users' information with

3.2.1. Their business partners.

3.2.2. Advertisers and advertising networks.

3.2.3. Cloud storage providers.

3.2.4. Analytics and search engine providers.

3.2.5. IT service providers.

3.2.6. Their data center and the servers of their host providers.

3.2.7. Law enforcement agencies, public authorities or other organizations.

3.3. They disclose users' information to third parites

3.3.1. In the issues that they sell or buy any business or assets, in which case they will disclose users' data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets

3.3.2. In such transactions, when they sell, buy, merge, are acquired by, or partner with other companies or businesses, or sell some or all of their assets, user information will be among the transferred assets.

3.3.3. For california residents, the App provides the customer information they shared with others by sending the App a request.

3.4. If you follow a link into the third party website, it will have another different privacy policy from these websites.

3.5. They have extra policy for younger users (the age of 13).