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1.1. Central

1.2. Additional


2.1. Gay and Lesbian Consumers

2.1.1. Largely Ignored

2.1.2. Ads Targeting LGBT (e.g the Rainbow VISA cardP)

2.2. Socialization

2.2.1. Gender Goals & Expectations Men Agentic Goals: stress self-assertion, mastery Women Communal Goals: affilation & fostering of harmonious relations

2.3. Sexual Identity

2.3.1. Sex-Typed Producta Men: instrumental items projecting indepen. and activity Women: symbolic & self-expr. goods, appearance & emotion. aspects of self

2.3.2. Androgyny: possession of both masc. and fem. traits E.g women with strong masc. component prefer ad portrayals with non-trad. women

2.4. Female Gender Roles

2.4.1. Depiction of Women in Ads Tradition. Roles Changes Role Reversal Women -> sexually dominant Sex Objects ("cheesecake ads")

2.5. Male Sex Roles

2.5.1. Traditional Tough, Agressive, Masculine

2.5.2. Male Metro-Sexual Male bonding, confident, independent, tomantic, tender, playful

2.5.3. The Joys of Fatherhood Changes allowing greater freedom of expression, more involving in bringing up children

2.5.4. Depiction of Men in Ads Sex Objects: "Beefcake"


3.1. Body Cathexic

3.1.1. Emotional Significance

3.1.2. Feelings about Body Positive Negative

3.2. Ideals

3.2.1. Meaning Particular Model Exemplar

3.2.2. Features Physical Body Type Size Shape Clothing Style Cosmetics Hair Style

3.2.3. Universality Life Proportion Hourglass Shape Weight Change Advertisment Standarts Harm for Health Comparison

3.2.4. Changes through the Life

3.3. Working on the Body

3.3.1. Problems Sizeism Respect of Weight Obesity Distortions Anorexia Ineating Disorders

3.3.2. Changes Piercing Tattoos Cosmetic Surgery


4.1. Does the Self Exist?

4.1.1. Western C. Persons' Identity Inhezent Separt. of Each Individual

4.1.2. Easter C. Social Groups Identity depends on Relatuionships

4.2. Self Concept

4.2.1. Fantasy

4.2.2. Components Real Self Ideal Self

4.2.3. Self-Esteem Social Comparison Advertising

4.2.4. Multiple Selves Central Additional Looking-Glass Self

4.3. Self-Consciousness

4.3.1. Vanity

4.3.2. Self-Monitoring High Low

4.3.3. Public S-C


5.1. Products

5.1.1. Who am I now?

5.1.2. Social Identity Cars Clothes Habits Activities Food Preferences

5.1.3. Objects

5.1.4. Symbolict Self-Compl, Theory "Social Crutch"

5.2. Loss of Self

5.2.1. Group Identity Prisons Convents

5.2.2. Victims Burglaries & Natural Disasters Depression Being Violated Alienation

5.2.3. Post-Disaster Conditions New Possesions

5.3. Self/Product Congruence

5.3.1. Self-Image Model Actual Ideal

5.3.2. Damaging the Actual Self Body Building Anabolics

5.4. The Extended Self

5.4.1. Individual Level Personal Objects Jewellery Clothes Cars

5.4.2. Family Level Residence Furniture

5.4.3. Community Level Neighbourhood Town

5.4.4. Group Level Landmarks Monuments Sport Teams