Copy of Elder Care

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Copy of Elder Care by Mind Map: Copy of  Elder Care

1. American Elder

1.1. Gerontology

1.1.1. Term used to define the study of aging and older adults

1.2. Geriatrics

1.2.1. Is associated with the medical care, e.g., diseases and disabilites, of the elderly

1.3. American Elder, Stephanie Strand

2. Categories of Elders and Ageism

2.1. Young-old 65-75 years old

2.2. Old 75-85 years old

2.3. Old-old 85-100 years old

2.4. Elite old over 100 years old

2.4.1. Ageism

2.4.2. Discrimination based soley on age

2.4.3. Exists among some professionals

2.4.4. Negative sterotypes based on myths and incorrect information Table 23-2 in textboox ?observed comments and actions seen on clinical unit? Question Time

3. DemographIcs, socioeconomic, and erhnic

3.1. Elders in the United States

3.2. Living loonger, fastest growing age group 85 years +

3.3. women live longer - become widowed. Men more likely to remarry when losing a spouse.

3.4. Living arrangements are linked to income and health status.

3.4.1. 85+ have the lowest mediian income

3.4.2. most elder adult live in a variety of community settings

3.4.3. Only 4.3 % line in nursing homes

3.4.4. poverty level most likely low when livig alone

3.4.5. Elder Hispanics fastest growing subpopulation

4. Elder Neglect / Abuse

4.1. May affect either gender

4.2. Types of Abuse

4.2.1. Video clip Elder Mistreatment Assessment (to further your knowledge)

4.3. Where Abuse Occurs

4.4. The Abusers

4.5. The Victims

4.6. Our Responsiblity

4.6.1. Mandated Reporters

4.7. Video: An Age for Justice

5. Health

5.1. Health charactristics- Chronic health problems and disabilites increase as age increases

5.2. Normal physical changes during older adulthood Table 23-4

5.3. Health Promotion Guidelines for Older Adults Box 23-3

5.4. Question Time

6. Health Problems

6.1. Leading causes of death age 65 and older

6.2. Falls

6.2.1. Video Clip Hendrich II Fall Risk Model Get up and Go assessment form

6.3. Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

6.4. Polypharmacy

6.5. Chronic disabling illnessess

6.5.1. Video clip Pain Assessment in Older Adults (further your knowledge)

6.6. Alcohol Abuse

6.7. Dementia vs Delirium

6.7.1. Video clip on asessing Dementia of Hospitalized Elder (further your knowledge)

6.8. Depression

6.8.1. Video Clip Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)

6.9. Question Time

7. Autonomy

7.1. Defined : independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions

7.2. Erikson's Developemental Stage: Ego Integrity vs Despair

7.3. Additional Developmental Task 65 - 75 years od

7.4. Additonal Developmental Task 75 years and older

7.5. When do we take away the car keys? Recent news clip.