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Copy of Elder Care by Mind Map: Copy of  Elder Care
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Copy of Elder Care

American Elder



American Elder, Stephanie Strand

This song was inspired by two elderly women whom I met recently in a nursing home. Seeing and experiencing parts of their daily situation has saddened me very deeply... And this is how I've dealt with it -- at least partly.

Categories of Elders and Ageism

Young-old 65-75 years old

Old 75-85 years old

Old-old 85-100 years old

Elite old over 100 years old

DemographIcs, socioeconomic, and erhnic

Elders in the United States

Living loonger, fastest growing age group 85 years +

women live longer - become widowed. Men more likely to remarry when losing a spouse.

Living arrangements are linked to income and health status.

Elder Neglect / Abuse

May affect either gender

Victims are most oftern women over 75 years of age physically or menatlly impaired Dependent for care on the abuser

Types of Abuse

Physical  Psychologic Emotinal Sexual Financial Violation of Human or civil rights Active or Passive Neglect

Where Abuse Occurs

Private Homes Senior Citizens' Homes Nursing Homes Hospitals Long-term Care Facilities

The Abusers

Sons Daughters Spouses Other Relatives Health Care Providers

The Victims

May fail to report abuse or neglect Shame / Fear Financial Resources Mental Capacity *Legally compentent adults can choose to stay in the situation*

Our Responsiblity

For persons living in the community, Georgia law requires mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation by any of the professionals listed below.  All other persons are encouraged to report suspected abuse to protective.   Licensed professionals  

Video: An Age for Justice

An Age for Justice; Elder Abuse in America, a video produced by the Elder Justice Now campaign, shows the families and individuals whose lives have been turned upside down by elder abuse. The video provides stark proof of the financial, emotional, and phsycial and psychological impact of the violence and abuse that an estimated five million Americans face every day.


Health charactristics- Chronic health problems and disabilites increase as age increases

Normal physical changes during older adulthood Table 23-4

Health Promotion Guidelines for Older Adults Box 23-3

Question Time

Health Problems

Leading causes of death age 65 and older

Heart Disease Cancer Cerebrovascular disease Lower respiratory disease Pneumonia Influenza Diabetes


Helthy People 2010 falls account for 87% of fracture in 65 and older Vision Slower reflexes Brittle Bones

Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

Hypothermia Lower metabolism Loss of normal insulation from thinning subcutaneious tissue Hyperthermia - Can you think of causes?


Average 5 prescription drugs,two over the counter medicaitons, and herbal remedies Self administration Combining Borrowing Multiple prescribers

Chronic disabling illnessess

Arthritis Osteioporosis Heart disease Stroke Obstructive lung disease Hearing / vision alterations Cognitive dysfunction

Alcohol Abuse

Excessive alcohol use later in life to help cope with changes and rpblems of their older years

Dementia vs Delirium

Delirium is an acute and reversible syndrome.  Causes infection, medications, and dehydration Dementia is a proressive loss of cognitive funtions. Alzheimer's progressive with steady decline lasting between 7-15 years ending in death


Question Time


Defined : independence or freedom, as of the will or one's actions

Erikson's Developemental Stage: Ego Integrity vs Despair

People who attain ego integrity view life with a sense of wholness and derive satisfaction from poast accomplishments.   They view death as an acceptable completion of life.

Additional Developmental Task 65 - 75 years od

Young-old - Adjusting to: Decreasing physical strength and health Retirement Lower and fixed income Death of parents, spouses, and friends New relationships with adult children Leisure time Slower physical and cognitive responses Making satisfying Living arrangements

Additonal Developmental Task 75 years and older

Adapting to living alone Adjusting to the possibility of moving into a nrusing home Adjusting to the idea of one's own death Safeguarding physical and mental health Remaining in touch wiht other family members Finding meaning in life

When do we take away the car keys? Recent news clip.