Balanced Reading in a Literacy Rich Environment

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Balanced Reading in a Literacy Rich Environment by Mind Map: Balanced Reading in a Literacy Rich Environment

1. Read Aloud (Modelled Reading)

1.1. Teaches reading behaviours

1.2. Think aloud, as teacher is reading, about what is being read

1.3. Done in front of a large group (classroom) of students

1.4. Hi-light teacher’s thoughts, feelings, ideas about the text

1.5. Allows teacher to see what students immediately connect to what is being read, and what students do not

1.6. Teaches students listening behaviours, and the importance of hearing something being read to them, and not just reading

1.7. Chosen at a level that is above what the students are able to read, as it’s the teacher who is doing the reading

1.8. Teacher-directed

2. Shared Reading

2.1. Students read together, with their teacher, as a whole group- typically at a carpet area

2.2. All students are able to see the text from where they are sitting

2.3. Still teacher-directed- teacher chooses the text, and guides the students’ reading

2.4. Done in a whole group setting, so can be difficult for the teacher to know if some students are monopolizing the reading, and some are not participating

2.5. Learning/teaching opportunity as teacher picks out words, phrases, etc that students may not understand, or that teachers want to go over with the class

3. Guided Reading

3.1. Students are put in groupings, based on their reading levels

3.2. Still teacher directed, as the teacher is choosing what’s being read, but students are doing the reading

3.3. Students read, and teacher listens and provides guidance when necessary, or when a student asks

3.4. Teacher asks questions following the reading, about what is read, and students make connections themselves and with their peers who also read l

3.5. Can be problematic if students in guided reading groups monopolize the teacher’s time, while other students who may need assistance could be quieter

4. Independent Reading

4.1. Student directed

4.2. Students choose reading material that is best for them, and spend time reading on their own

4.3. Hope that the students will use the strategies that they learned from the other 3 Balanced Reading activities, in order to get the most out of reading independently