Validity & Reliability of Assessments

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Validity & Reliability of Assessments by Mind Map: Validity & Reliability of Assessments

1. Validity

1.1. Content Validity Evidence

1.1.1. Test Questions vs Instructional Objectives

1.2. Criterion Related Validity Evidence

1.2.1. Concurrent Given same time as assessment

1.2.2. Predictive Predicts future outcomes

1.3. Construct Validity Evidence

1.3.1. information interacts with outside factors related to genre/topic of test

2. Reliability

2.1. Test-Retest (Stability)

2.1.1. Test given twice

2.2. Alternate Forms (Equivalence)

2.2.1. 2 different types of assessments measuring same body of knowledge

2.3. Internal Consistency

2.3.1. Single concept - multiple questions Split Halves 2 Questions - same concept Kuder-Richardson Methods KR20 KR21