Study habits

habitos de estudio

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Study habits by Mind Map: Study habits

1. passion

1.1. Once the passion is found, it can be a source of energy

1.2. find the specialization that interests you

2. organization

2.1. different approaches

2.2. a method that keeps tasks up to date

3. strategic and ingenious

3.1. get used to the next demands

3.2. types of skills they need to develop to succeed

4. balance

4.1. sleep, exercise, eat properly

4.2. spend time with people we care about

4.3. keep all the important parts of our life

5. social support

5.1. get involved with people

5.2. time with friends

5.3. study groups

6. committed

6.1. Students commit to do what is necessary to succeed

7. talk to teachers

7.1. are more likely to stay in school

7.2. will make the courses more interesting

7.3. ask after class