Form and production terms

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Form and production terms by Mind Map: Form and production terms

1. Forms

1.1. Musical forms

1.1.1. Strophic (AAA)

1.1.2. Alternate verse/chorus (ABABAB)

1.1.3. 12 bar (AAB)

1.1.4. 32 bar (AABA)

1.1.5. Through-composed (ABCDE)

1.2. Verse: Part where the .yrics change but the song stays the same.

1.3. Refrain: Section attached to the end of the verse where the lyrics repeats.

1.4. Chorus: Lyric and music stay the same

1.5. Bridge: Section in the middle that varies musically and lirically

2. Production

2.1. Mono: One channel signal

2.2. Two or more channel signal

2.3. Reverb: Added effect to artifitially simulate sound reflections in a room or space.

2.4. Delay/echo: Multiple copies of a sound in quick sucession.

3. Artist

3.1. Songwriter: Person who creates an original musical or lyrical idea

3.2. Topliner: Contributes to a pre-made song or beat.

3.3. Producer: Manages musicians, oversees recordings ans artistic choices

3.4. Sound Engineer: Recording and editing techlogy specialist

4. Industry terms

4.1. Performing rights Organizations (PRO´s): Are the ones that take money from people who listen to songs and give to the people who make songs.

4.1.1. ASCAP

4.1.2. BMI

4.1.3. SESAC

4.2. Rigths:

4.2.1. Publishing rights: composition

4.2.2. Master rights: recording

4.3. Mechanical royalties: Hard sales, CD´s, downloads,

4.4. Performance rotalties: The money paid for live performances

4.5. Sychronization licensing: Money paid to artists from TV and films (trailers).