Juan Seguín: on Leaving Texas (1842)

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Juan Seguín: on Leaving Texas (1842) by Mind Map: Juan Seguín: on Leaving Texas (1842)

1. "Juan Seguín: on Leaving Texas (1842)." The American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience, ABC-CLIO, 2020, latinoamerican2.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/1449179. Accessed 11 Feb. 2020.

2. Gold Rush

2.1. "San Antonio was swarming with adventurers from every quarter of the globe"

2.2. but there were also many bad men, fugitives from their country, who found in this land an open field for their criminal designs

3. War between Texas and Mexico in 1842

3.1. Retreat of the Mexican army under Santa Anna

3.2. Vasquez invasion in 1842

3.3. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

3.4. Vasquez gained ground on Seguin

3.5. . Captain Manuel Flores, Lieutenant Ambrosio Rodriguez, Matias Curbier, and five or six other Mexicans assaulted by opposing forces

4. Differentiating Ideas by the same people

4.1. Some of the citizens of San Antonio had taken up arms in favor of the enemy.

4.2. "On my return to San Antonio, several persons told me that the Mexican officers had declared that I was in their favor. This rumor, and some threats uttered against me by Goodman, left me but little doubt that my enemies would try to ruin me."

5. Fear

5.1. "I remained, hiding from rancho to rancho, for over fifteen days."

5.2. "My political and social situation brought me into continual contact with that class of people. At every hour of the day and night, my countrymen ran to me for protection against the assaults or exactions of those adventurers."

6. Juan Seguín Timeline

6.1. Elected Mayor of San Antonio in 1842

6.2. Called a session of the Board of Aldermen and laid before them the communication of General Vasquez

6.3. Some of the citizens of San Antonio had taken up arms in favor of the enemy. Judge Hemphill advised Seguín to have them arrested and tried could not follow his advice.

6.4. General Burleson arrived at San Antonio, commanding a respectable force of volunteers

6.5. Remained hiding for over fifteen days. Every party of volunteers en route to San Antonio declared, "they wanted to kill Seguin."

6.6. "Hardly a day elapsed without receiving notice that a party was preparing to attack him"

6.7. Left Texas but had a family council beforehand

6.8. "But before taking this step, I sent in my resignation to the Corporation of San Antonio, as Mayor of the city, stating to them that, unable any longer to suffer the persecutions of some ungrateful Americans who strove to murder me. That for these reasons I resigned my office, with all my privileges and honors as a Texan."