DevaCurl Quality Issues

Started a mind map on the issues surrounding the quality of DevaCurl Hair products.

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DevaCurl Quality Issues by Mind Map: DevaCurl Quality Issues

1. Issues

1.1. Hair Loss

1.1.1. Excessive Shedding

1.1.2. Permanent HL

1.1.3. Temporary HL

1.2. Scalp irritation

1.3. damage to hair: curl patter et al.

1.4. Dermatitis

1.5. Raynaud's Syndrome

2. Possible Causes

2.1. Lower quality packaging

2.1.1. contaminants leaching into product

2.2. Environment

2.2.1. Temp / humidity control Changing formula contaminants leaching into product

2.3. Ingredients

2.3.1. Contaminated

2.3.2. Fake?

2.3.3. Adulteration: Filler in products, products cut with other stuff



2.4.2. CUTTING PRODUCT w/ fillers SEE Ingredients

3. Change in Ownershipi / Management

3.1. Poor sourcing decisions

3.2. Lack of Oversite

3.3. Supplier relationships

3.4. Company changed hands 2x

4. Method

4.1. No Poo damaging to scalp by definition