Body Systems Lesson

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Body Systems Lesson by Mind Map: Body Systems Lesson

1. Students will know:

1.1. The 6 Body Systems

1.1.1. Respiratory Lungs Larynx Diaphragm

1.1.2. Circulatory Heart Blood Vessels

1.1.3. Digestive Esophagus Small Intestine Stomach Colon

1.1.4. Excretory Kidneys Liver

1.1.5. Nervous Brain

1.1.6. Endocrine Pituitary Thyroid Ovaries Testes

1.2. Organs in each body system

1.3. Function of those organs

1.3.1. *Students will do this research on their own in their activity

2. Activity: The Organ Trail

2.1. Create a wanted poster of an organ

3. Main Objective

3.1. Develop an argument supported by evidence for how multicellular organisms are organized by varying levels of complexity; cells, tissue, organs, organ systems.

4. Activity: Fetal Pig Dissection

4.1. Students will dissect a fetal pig and discover the different organs hands-on

5. Lecture/Diagram Body Systems