Seven Habits of Successful Students

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Seven Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of Successful Students

1. 1. Passion: It is looking for what you really like or are passionate about studying.

2. 2. Social Support: They are a group of people who meet to have study sessions.

3. 3. Talk to Professors: Have the confidence to live with teachers and can clarify your doubts.

4. 4. Organization: Have a method where they have all the subsequent activities and fulfill the respective tasks.

5. 5. Strategic & Resourceful: Take advantage of the time available to students in some courses to reinforce their learning.

6. 6. Balance: Have a good relationship in your time to be able to perform all your daily activities.

7. 7. Committed: Be committed and responsible with the activities that the student has until they have been completed.