Reducing the National Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)

Mind Map for ENGL102 digital poster project

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Reducing the National Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) by Mind Map: Reducing the National Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR)

1. California's 4-step program (Main, Markow, & Gould 2018)

1.1. Public Health Agencies

1.1.1. CA-PAMR and CMQCC

1.2. Public and Private Stakeholders

1.3. High yield data system

1.4. Implementation of the first 3 steps

2. Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) (Ollove 2018).

2.1. Partnerships with multiple states

2.2. Toolkits and Practice Drills

2.3. Implementation Help

2.4. Real time Data

3. Statistical analysis

3.1. CDC statistics

3.1.1. Demographic Breakdowns (Creanga et al 2017) age health risks risks of facilities marriage status education race & ethnicity

4. Practice Kits & OB Crash Carts

4.1. In situ (on-site) simulations (Guise and Mladenovic, 2013)

4.1.1. On site simulations offer valuable drills and feedback, offering medical practitioners valuable education and practice.

4.1.2. Practice mannequins allow for practice of actual cases without a human fatality.

4.1.3. Offers communication between the many layers of a healthcare system.

4.1.4. Prevents fatalities through communication and training for maternal morbidity cases

4.2. Obstetric Crash Carts (Montagne, 2018)

4.2.1. Offer medications and tools used in obstetric emergencies

5. Increasing access to Pre-Natal Care

5.1. Expansion of Medicaid Access for Mothers (Kozhimannil 2018)

5.2. Involving rural clinics in the states partnered with AIM (includes California). Nearly 95% of the California Healthcare Systems with obstetric services are under the CMQCC and CA-PAMR coalition. (Main, Markow, and Gould 2018).

5.3. Equipping hospitals with necessary materials noted in Practice Kits & OB crash carts (Main, Markow, and Gould 2018; Montagne 2018; Ollove 2018)

6. Maternal Mortality Reviews

6.1. Create universal case definitions (Main 2012; Main, Markow, & Gould 2018)

6.1.1. Creation of case definitions allows for better classification of maternal death. This then influences the statistics and demographics documentation.

6.2. Interdisciplinary committee (Main 2012)

6.2.1. Interdisciplinary committees offer a variety of perspectives, from public health practitioners to doctors and nurses.