5 Effective snow plowing strategies

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5 Effective snow plowing strategies by Mind Map: 5 Effective snow plowing strategies

1. 1. Invest in a snow plowing machine - If you run a snow removal business, you need to invest on a plowing machine. Even though it is expensive, it can give a good return on investment.

2. 2. Drag instead of lift - If snow shoveling is hurting your back, push or drag the snow instead of lifting it.

3. 3. Use snow blower - For lighter or fluffy snow, use a snow or leaf blower for immediate removal.

4. 4. Use plastic tarps - Lay plastic tarps on driveways, sidewalks and roofs before heavy snowfall. Thereafter, remove the tarps along with snow.

5. 5. Use table salt - It is one of the most conventional methods of melt snow. Sprinkle table salt on snow on icy surfaces.