How can a Plant based diet improve everyday life?

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How can a Plant based diet improve everyday life? by Mind Map: How can a Plant based  diet improve everyday life?

1. Promotion of a healtheir lifestyle (Chapter 13)

1.1. There are many additives to foods/drinks that contain unhealthy ingredients. Such as sugar, salt, fat and oils. A plant-based diet will not include these items. (Santos 2020, slide 19)

1.2. There are many ultra processed foods that seem to benefit both the consumer and fast food restaurants. It is very profitable and cheap to manufacture. the consumer gets fast food. Without ultra processed foods in diets this cycle can come to an end.(Neff 2015,339)

1.3. Mindless eating will come to an end when you implement a new diet. Foods like take out, snacks, and drinks. Healthier snacks can be exchanged.(Neff 2015, 339)

2. The amount of animals waste will decrease. Industrialized farms have large amounts of animals and accumulate a lot of animal waste (chapter 12)

2.1. In 2005 it was estimated that 335 million tons of dry animal waste were accumulated, the amount has exceeded of what can be used back to the soil and therefore lead to contamination. (Neff 2015, 300)

2.2. Animal waste contributes to green house gas emissions which contributes to climate change.(Neff 2015,307)

2.3. Animal waste can contribute to negative affecting aquatic ecosystems which leads to algae blooms and dead zones (Neff 2015, 307)

3. Consumers can benefit from local food markets and vice versa (Chapter 14)

3.1. A plant-based diet calls for organic foods such as plants, vegetables, grains, seeds. fruits and more. These small farms contribute the freshest food products that appeal to consumers.(Neff 2015,364)

3.2. Most local food markets are family owned and are grown in local landscapes. Consumers will know where their food is coming from. (Neff 2015,365)

3.3. more people who choose to shop at local food markets will buy more from them and increase farms gross revenue. This will allow for farmers to enhance their business. (Neff 2015, 365)

4. Terms & Definitions: Algal Blooms:A rapid formation of algae (Neff 2015, 307) Dead Zone: Area of water with insufficient oxygen to support most organisms. (Neff 2015, 307) Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Any gas that absorbs infrared radiation (Mann 2019) Ultra-processed foods: Foods that undergo particular additives that impact the flavor with 5 or more ingredients.(Laseter 2019)

5. When substituting fast foods for healthier foods both health and the rise of local markets will benefit. Ultra processed foods exchanged for fresh and local produce.

6. Fresh produce does not leave any waste behind that could contaminate the air we breathe. The less amount of animals we eat, hence a plant based diet, will allow for a healthier atmosphere.

7. Conclusion: A plant-based diet can improve everyday life through all the aspects it touches upon. This diet is very healthy for you and includes many fruits, vegetables, nuts and more. All of these foods can be found freshly produced by the local food markets, which enhances their revenue and promotes healthy eating the more consumers buy. In contrast to Industrialized Food Animal Products and ultra-processed foods that contain many additives that make these foods addicting but at the expense of the consumers health. The additives make the food more addicting which calls for a higher demand of mostly meats. These animals excrete waste and it gets into the atmosphere and contaminates it. This diet will decrease the amount of meat eating which will result in less waste to deal with. A plant-based diet will give you a healthy lifestyle, promote small farms and clean the air we breathe.